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Elena Davidenko Korobova

Vice-World Champion, Champion of Russia on the rhythmic and aesthetic gymnastics.
Champions Club World Cup in Japan
World-class athlete.
A member of the Russian national team.
The Winner and Vice-Champion of more than 70 international tournaments and the Grand Prix in France, Germany, Canada, USA, Japan, Israel, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Holland, Russia.
Multiple champion of Moscow.
The Vice-Champion of the Cup of Russia in certain types of all-round.
A member of the youth team of the USSR national team.
The Vice-Champion of the USSR Championship in certain types of all-round.



She took part in demonstration performances at the World Games in Japan.


She studied under the guidance of the senior coach of Russian national team Irina Viner-Usmanova. The team practiced and performed together with such renowned gymnasts Alina Kabaeva, Jan Batyrshina Natalia Lipkovskaya Irina Chashina, Amina Zaripov, Julia Barsukov.


In 1999 he was invited by the Japanese government to work as a coordinator of international relations in the field of sport (JET programs).

She worked as a coach of the national team, the Akita in rhythmic gymnastics.

For several years there have been many seminars and training courses to improve the skills of Japanese experts, set up and prepared a strong junior team of Akita.

Consultations and training of the national team of the Japanese team.


The experience of leading Russian and foreign experts with personal achievements have become an excellent base for developing their own unique system of training high-level athletes. The team of the prefecture of Akita, which Elena trained in this system, has taken a leading position in the national and international gymnastics competitions.

As a result of the government program "JET Program" Elena Davidenko (Korobova) was awarded with diplomas and medals, and is recognized as one of the best coordinators. "For contribution to the development of gymnastics in Akita Prefecture" was awarded certificates of honor of the Government of Akita.

After returning to Moscow was invited Irina Irina Viner for coaching in the center of the Olympic preparation.

At this time, it became aware of the new sport - aesthetic gymnastics, which has long existed in many countries of the world, was very popular in the Scandinavian countries. Hosts international competitions and the club world championships, but without the participation of Russia.

So having worked for some time in Tsope, Elena decided to fully focus on the development of a new sport in Russia. Together with her friends on the team, world and European champion Natalya Lipkovskaya Shishova and Anna, she has created a solid foundation for the development of aesthetic gymnastics in Russia.


Elena Davidenko is one of the founder of the first professional club of aesthetic gymnastics "Revival". As part of the club's team won 1 place in the international competitions in Estonia and Finland. For the first time in Russian history, he became the vice-champion of the world on aesthetic gymnastics and won the first national championship.

have made a great contribution to the development of aesthetic gymnastics in Russia, in the creation of the All-Russian Federation of aesthetic gymnastics, the popularization of the new sport. He is a member of the International Federations and the Russian Aesthetic gymnastics.



From 6 years old I started to practice gymnastics in the Sports School №74 (Moscow Sports VDSO society "Labor Reserves")


For 10 years, he received his first paycheck. Everyday many hours of training was to his goal, and in the 13 years under the direction of the honored coach of Russia Alla Janina became the absolute champion of Moscow.


In 14 years, she won her first international tournament in France. In 16 years, he became the champion of Russia. And in the next few years under the guidance of the senior coach of Russia Irina Viner has won many international awards high.


She participated one of the first gymnasts on the shows fashion week in Moscow, posing on the catwalk clothes collection of the best designers of Russia and the West.


She graduated from the Russian State Academy of Physical Culture (since 2003 - Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism (RGUFK))